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"My intent with this festival is simple: bring art alive again. I spent years covering film festivals as a member of the media. I began to discover that the main motivation for many of these events was not the movies. Because I am a leader and not one who lags, I took it upon myself to produce a platform whereby art would once again come alive. Less celebrity and red carpets; more about honoring the czars of independent cinema. Give filmmakers and fans a chance to mesh and make dreams happen. Show worthy work by astounding artisans. Lastly, help them to create more film through offering them more exposure.


Cindy Mich,  Founder 


Listed below are the competition categories for the 2020 Art is Alive Film Festival.  

Best Feature Film 

Best Comedic Short Film 

Best Dramatic Short Film 

Best Special Interest Film

Best Cinematography 

Best Female Actress (The Mela Hudson Award)

Best Male Actor

Best Director 

Best Screenplay

Best Singer/Songstress (The Judy Garland Award)

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