Out Now

"My intent with this festival is simple: bring art alive again. I spent years covering film festivals as a member of the media. I began to discover that the main motivation for many of these events was not the movies. Because I am a leader and not one who lags, I took it upon myself to produce a platform whereby art would once again come alive. Less celebrity and red carpets; more about honoring the czars of independent cinema. Give filmmakers and fans a chance to mesh and make dreams happen. Show worthy work by astounding artisans. Lastly, help them to create more film through offering them more exposure."


I am so thrilled that my festival, over the course of the last six years, has done so much to help the filmmaking community.  Those who have met through my event have gone on to work together to make more movies. I am proud to say that I have provided numerous Q and A panels that are both thought provoking and truly in-depth. I am delighted that many filmmakers have left the festival not just with laurels, but also film reviews, interviews at and after the festival, as well as being offered distribution on various platforms. I am also told that my festival is a very friendly, hands on experience that allows for numerous networking opportunities. Lastly, I am able to honor the lives and legendary work of those in and out of Hollywood. Thank YOU one and all for helping me to achieve all these accolades.